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Storage & Cleaning Tips! 

Here you will find helpful resources and tips to better maintain your NTI Global tent products. 


Storage Tips 

• Thoroughly dry sidewalls before folding and storing. Damp products are promoters of mildew and fungus, both of which can cause early wear and damage. Be sure to check the hems as well. Wet thread is easy to miss. 

• Be sure not to fold the sidewalls in the same place every time. Repeatedly folding and transporting the sidewalls in the same pattern allows for stress cracking to occur prematurely. 

• Store the sidewalls in a cool, dry, shaded area. Avoid areas close to doors and windows where condensation can accumulate. Avoid areas with direct sunlight. Unnecessary and extended UV exposure can cause colors to fade, and whites to yellow. 


Cleaning Tips 

• Set up a cleaning station that has a flat surface free of rocks and other debris. 

• Use a soft sponge with warm water (tent cleaning solvents can be added as well) to gently rub out stains and wipe dirt away. Be careful not to use detergents and fabric cleaners that contain highly concentrated solvents or bleaches. 

• Do not use any abrasive cleaning tools including: wire brushes, power washers (with uncontrollable pressure levels), or metal polishing pads. 


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